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Buy a Bird Dog

Have Thanksgiving when the Host
Has a House Goat

Buy a Feather Pillow

Have a Safe Camping Trip
With Your Pet Rock

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

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Get Into a Girl's Pants

Start a Gang

Become a Vampire

Sell Your Friend on eBay

Become a Ghost

Where do all these odd and goofy how-to guides come from?

We get them from wikiHow!  wikiHow.com, the How-To Manual which is created by its readers, brings us useful and handy writings such as:

  • How to Stop a Car with No Brakes
  • How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies
  • How to Survive in the Woods

Chock full of great information,  wikiHow helps us to live our lives  just a little bit more smoothly. These articles have been created by well informed, volunteer wikiHow readers. But every once in a while wikiHow takes delivery of an article which is unwanted because it is not meant to be helpful, and instead is just a bald-faced joke! Writings which do not help people solve their everyday problems, have no place at wikiHow, and have to be deleted. So out the door go offerings such as:

  • How to Find Something to Do With a Friend That You Used to Have the Same Interests As, but Now Have Nothing in Common
  • How to Open a Car Door
  • How to Eat a Hamburger

Such articles must be quickly whisked away to make room for more constructive articles, those which can truly help people. So here at wikiHowl we work hard to rescue the best (and the worst!) of the funny how-to articles which were just a little too cute, pathetic, amusing or weird for wikiHow. It is our hope that you will enjoy these articles as much as we do.

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