Editor's Note: This probably is, in actual fact, how one or two writers originally find themselves getting sucked in to wikiHow.

How to Pretend to Write an Interesting Article for This Web Site

This here is for all of the people out there who like to think that they are doing the world a sad sad favour by posting to this web addy. [wikiHow]


1. Get stuck at work until 5pm. Everyday.

2. Get bored at work. Spit in the office's kettle water.

3. Try and find something remotely pleasing to do on the web.

4. Come across wikiHow… unintentionally.

5. Act like a dumb-ass and write an article about nothing, like me.


* If you hear voices in your head, ignore them... they will soon consume you.

* Don't look at life as being a whole pile of crap and a complete waste of time… just smoke some herb instead.


* Do not confront yourself about "Why you are the way that you are..." There is nothing you can do about that... blame the world.

Article added: 06 August 2010

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