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How to Tone and Tighten Skin Naturally

Want to tone and tighten your face? You can do this easily without leaving your house and paying lots of money. Tighten your face naturally with CUCUMBER!


1. Wash your face using the right wash for your face. Pat your face dry with a towel.

2. Grate a cucumber or two.

3. Take the grated cucumber and rub it on your face, without leaving any part of your face out.

4. Wait until the cucumber is dry and then wash it off, make sure there is none left on your face.


* Make sure you don't leave cucumber on your face. This will leave your face extremely dirty.

* People with severe wrinkles or large skin folds may require assistance to assure thorough cucumber removal.

* Drop cloth recommended for individuals with poor hand-eye coordination.

* Leftover cucumber may be used for salads or in a delightful cold summer soup.


* If you are allergic to cucumbers… don't use this method. There are other methods that use natural ingredients.

* Take caution while grating cucumber.

* Cucumbers treated with pesticides or fertilizers can be harmful to the skin.

* Using rotting cucumbers may cause skin irritations, nausea, and food aversion.

* Sea cucumbers may not be suitable for the face.

* Cucumbers may harbor parasites or dangerous bacteria. Only use cucumbers that contain no harmful organisms or toxins.

* For external use only. Whole cucumbers can cause injuries to the eyes or may become lodged in orifices.

Article added: 13 September 2010

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