Editor's Note: Just because no one has ever actually attempted to take over the world with ferrets, does not mean it would not be effective. Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan should have read wikiHow!

How to Take over the World With Ferrets

World Domination has never been accomplished in the history of mankind, even though many have tried, none have succeeded. However no one has ever attempted to take over the world with ferrets. You would be more likely to take over the world with ferrets, since they are a very mean animal. My geometry teacher once desired to accomplish world domination with the aid of ferrets, however he never attempted it. I believe that someone should attempt to take over the world with ferrets, since ferrets are known to bite people constantly.


1. Purchase a ferret, to become accustomed to the animal.

2. Obtain an IQ of 130 or more.

3. Take multiple advanced college science courses, like AP Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy classes.

4. Purchase or make (see wikiHow) an evil laboratory, and multiple ferrets.

5. Acquire Machiavellian ruler characteristics, by hiring an assistant which you are to boss around, and punish if they behave badly.

6. Conduct experiments on ferrets, so they may become evil mutants.

7. Mass reproduce evil mutant ferrets.

8. Assemble an evil army of mutant ferrets.

9. Begin taking over small and insignificant areas like downtown Chicago, and then suburbs, or small countries.

10. Move on to bigger countries like Canada.

11. Attack world powers like the USA.

12. Enjoy your reign of power and build an evil palace with an evil dungeon.

13. Eat cheese cake.


* Be careful in case the ferrets bite you.

 Things You'll Need

* Ferrets

* Evil lab

* Evil assistant

* Science College level classes

* An IQ of 130 or the wikiHowl about how to be the smartest person in the world.

Article added: 08 May 2009

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Get yourself a basket
of ferrets, and you are
ready for warfare.

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