Editor's note: Not quite into manga yet? Here's a quick rundown: Naruto is shunned by the Leaf Village, and wants in the worst way to become a hokage. He is the container for the nine-tailed demon fox and as such, is hotly pursued by the Akatsuki, but luckily, he has just about perfected the shadow clone technique, among many other jutsu. Not following this? Never mind……. this anime (translation, cartoon) character is incredibly popular and has his own TV show. Kids get very very excited when they watch the stories of this ninja teen boy and his friends from Team 7, Sasuke and Sakura fighting the Sand Siblings and other villains. One of these young Naruto fans wrote this guide on how to protect oneself during viewing.

How To Survive Naruto

Have you ever been watching the best show on TV, and get so into it that you fall off your couch/bed and hurt yourself? This article will help you to not hurt yourself while watching this awesome show.


1. Run around a lot before watching it. That way you have less energy. The less energy you have, the less likely you are to injure yourself.

2. Watch it with a buddy, so you won't be weird.

3. Circumnavigate the Earth on a unicycle.

4. Do real karate so you cannot hurt yourself because you know all of the moves.

5. Keep the 911 number along with a first aid kit in hand.


* Avoid eating candy.

* This is serious. You can really fall and break your face. Body armor might not be a bad idea.

* Never do ninja moves in your room. Go outside and kick the raccoons (sorry raccoons).

* Yes, this is serious.


* This guide is for people who, like me, get way into the show and start doing some weird ninja moves. Don't go and hurt yourself.

Article Added: 31 December 2007

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