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How to Survive Doomsday

I want YOU to take responsibility for your life, or I WILL take responsibility of it for you!

Hello, good afternoon Sir or Madam. If you live in a developed nation I am sure that you are aware that an event of catastrophic proportions may happen "soon" and are concerned. Do I know if an even will happen? No. It could be caused by an asteroid, The Government, the Sun, or mother f-ing nature. Who knows? But ask yourself this: Would you rather be prepared for Doomsday and it doesn't happen or not prepare for Doomsday and it does happen? Hell, I hope it doesn’t happen, but I don’t dictate reality.

So, if you chose the first one, read on. If not leave and have fun "hoping" that everything will be ok…


1. Research - You should look on the Internet and in books at your local library about doomsday scenarios. Think about it… if there is a possibility of a Doomsday Scenario happening do you really want to find out about it on the news? If you do then you are finished! If you are not aware, your news is being manipulated. Trust me if you wait for the 6 O'clock News to tell you, you have been lazy and you deserve your fate.

2. Get in Shape - That’s right tubby, time to get off your lazy butt and hop on a tread mill! And I don't mean bodybuilder type shape; I mean tri-athlete type shape. Don't work out with weights, use bodyweight workouts. Also do cycling and learn how to swim if you don't already know how. As for strength, work up to be able to do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 200 squats and 20 pull-ups; and for swimming work up to do 4000 meters. If you do this, you will be prepared.

3. Eat Healthy - When TSHTF you do not want to be some fast food eating, poda Pop drinking, sweet devouring, caffeine addicted fiend. You will not be physically prepared and you will not be in shape. I am not even going to tell you how you should eat, go figure that one out yourself Sherlock, there is plenty of information out there. Just remember: If you do not take care of your body now, it won’t take care of you later.

4. Nurture your mind - Stop sabotaging your mind with the constant barrage of pornography, television, video games, gossip magazines, etc. that you give it every day! You are hurting your intellect. Learn to THINK and use REASONING SKILLS in your life. Actually form your own opinions about everything instead of resorting to Group-Think! DO NOT BE A SHEEP, for it will be the sheep who are slaughtered and the Wise Men who live.

5. Learn Survival Skills - This goes back into #1, but if you forgot to do this, do it now. There are a plethora of books available for consumption. Some of these books will tell you what supplies to get, how to make a B.O.B., how to purify water, how to track, hunt, etc. Plenty of information, use it wisely.

6. Learn Self Defense Skills - This includes weapons, hand to hand combat, improvised weapons etc. The last thing you want to happen is to survive the initial destruction only to get killed for your items by some hungry deranged psycho, and don’t fall for that "good will" crap. During Doomsday people will murder you for your supplies.

7. Learn different Languages - It is really not that difficult and is a great asset to you. If you do happen to link up with some survivors and they speak Spanish but you only speak English, you are going to have a tough time ahead of you communication wise. Do not be lazy and get a Universal Translator because those can break easily or you could lose it.

8. Get out of "Danger Zones"! - Simply put, "Danger Zones" are areas in this world where your chances of survival in light of a catastrophe are slim to none. These areas include: Large cities, places with little game to hunt, places with a large population density, tourist cities, natural disaster zones (like anywhere within a 100 miles of Yellowstone's super volcano), barren areas, and certain countries in general; like the United States of America, for instance. For example, there is a rumor or conspiracy theory going around that there are FEMA Camps built around the US for if Martial Law in evoked and it is speculated that these camps are designed to murder American citizens. Now, do I known if all of this is true? No. But am I going to stick around long enough to find out? HELL NO! This is the kind of stuff that makes Albert Einstein a true genius. He heard a rumor or conspiracy theory that Hitler was going to start murdering Jews, and what did he do? He LEFT GERMANY IMMEDIATELY. He did the most logical thing. Concentration camps or no concentration camps, it is a fact that FEMA WILL take over if Martial Law is activated in the US. Are you going to put your life in FEMAs hands or are you going to take responsibility? This brings me to my last tip…

9. Do not trust the Government to protect you - This is a fact, as it cannot protect you, it can only attempt to maintain order. Only YOU can protect yourself. If a Bio or Chemical terrorist event happens, the only option for the Government will be to quarantine and Kill. If you are infected, you will die. It's that simple. The Government will not risk infecting the entire planet with a superbug just to save you! So you'd better take precaution measures, because when it goes down you are already doomed.


* If you have made it this far you can see that I am attempting to drill one thing into your head: TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE! You control your Destiny.

* If you don't have children right now, don't have any. Not only will you contribute to the overpopulation problems, but if Doomsday does happen, they will slow you down! If you already have children, well I guess you have one more thing to worry about genius.

* No matter how difficult things may be at times, NEVER QUIT! Suicide is NEVER a good option.

* If you can, attempt to join a military Special Operations group in your respective country. They will teach you all you need to survive. If anyone is going to be alive after Doomsday you can expect to see some US Special Forces, CIA SAD Paramilitary, British SAS, French GIGN, Russian Spetznas among the survivors.

* Realize that one day you will die, but do it on your own terms. Don’t allow life or anybody else to dictate it for you.

* Realize that Doomsday will not be the end of Earth. Life will go on after the cataclysms. Life is defined in Cycles. Now whether you are around long enough to see this is entirely up to you.

* If you have ANY questions about your fate, don't ask me or anybody. Just look in the Mirror.


* Do not completely trust anyone afterwards as tragedy affects everyone differently. They could "break" at anytime afterwards and try to murder you.

* Don't listen to paranoid people. It is good to prepared for disaster but do not let it consume your mind.

* If you are in a "Danger Zone" get away from it immediately!

* Do not attempt to "wake others up" as this is counterproductive and can be a deadly mistake. Watch the Titanic and you'll see what will happen to you if you attempt to "wake the sheep".

Article added: 10 September 2010

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