Editor's Note: It's all down hill after you start to load up your cart, apparently, because that is the funnest part! One does wonder why the author persists then, with staying the night. Presumably one can load up a cart at WalMart and then leave and find something more fun to do than sleeping in WalMart Purgatory, whatever that may be.

How to Survive at Walmart for 24 Hours

You bored? Do you want to do something unusual? With a friend? STAY IN WALMART FOR 24 HOURS!!!!!


1. HOUR 0: Go in. Check your watch. Whatever time it is, that will be the time you leave the next day. Lets say I came in at 3:00.

2. HOUR 1-4: Spend most of your time hanging out. To draw no attention, push a basket around and randomly put stuff in it. This is the funnest time.

3. HOUR 5: Start hiding out a little. Start buying food for you to stock up on during your adventure.

4. HOUR 6-7: This time you should be hiding. Try in the Walmart Purgatory. Eat your food and use your supplies. You may leave your hiding spot momentarily to say, go to the bathroom.

5. HOUR 8: Have some more fun. At this time at night, I usually have shopping cart races in the motor carts. At the end of this hour find a nice little nook behind a display. This will be where you stay the night. Find some items like beanbags, pillows, blankets,etc and bring them in the nook.

6. TIPS ON FINDING A GOOD NOOK: Find a nook that is very small so that you will have a slimmer chance of finding you. Try to make it very closed off so that your nook is not open (it should have no holes in it so that staff can not find you ).

7. HOUR 9-14: You should be resting now. Do not sleep, Just lay down. You may be arrested for sleeping, so just rest now. At the end of the 11th hour, it is safe to come out, as it is 5 AM.

8. HOUR 15-20: Pretend to shop to escape boredom. Have fun.

9. 30 MINUTES AFTER HOUR 20: Stock up on food. You will be hiding out now.

10. HOUR 21-23: Hide out. I suggest the Purgatory.

11. HOUR 24: Have fun. Count down the moments as you stayed in there for 24 hours.


* If all doesn't work out, hide in the Purgatory.

* Bring a video camera to record the experience.

Article added: 13 April 2009

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Check the dressing
room. There should
be plenty to eat.

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