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How to Survive a Horde of Zombies

Many of you out there will be firm believers in the simple fact that some day Zombies will rise to take over the world. Simply by watching every zombie film imaginable you will learn the characters many and often inexcusable mistakes, this step by step guide will teach you how to survive against a zombie invasion.


1. Firstly ensure that you are informed of the rising early, if you learn too late you will most certainly die, whether you're eaten, turned into a undead mindless thing or starve. Other options include cannibalism, starvation and insanity :)

2. The second step is to understand what type of zombies the ones rising are (those who are adept in zombie culture will know the basic types). Typical zombies could be the risen dead, mindless and slow, the moaning and stumbling rotten types, these would be some of the easiest. The definite easiest would be the classic 'Shaun of the dead' zombies, like typical zombies only more stupid. The bad zombies to encounter are fast ones, ones retaining some form of mind and humanity such as '28 Days Later' (although arguably not zombies) or 'dawn of the dead' the newer version.

3. After finding out this you need to lay low and keep quiet, if the undead are in your general area the main idea would be too keep them as far from your area as possible, look for short term defence like barricading your garden fence to ensure an outer defence then barring windows and doors. Just in case it is advisable to improvise weapons, using spare petrol would be a waste of valuable fuel, so try spirits for Molotov cocktails. Have bricks to throw, clubs, baseball bats.

4.At this time the most important thing is to not draw attention, most attempts to leave the house would result in death.

5. As soon as the area is clear it would be time to start looking for an ideal place to properly fortify and stock with food. My own plans for this time would be to round up friends and close family, no-one too far away. Country areas would be less populated so a run in with the undead would be limited. Any large buildings such as supermarkets are popular on the films, though these have a lot of entrances and a lot of space that cannot be monitored carefully. As a personal opinion I would first strengthen several vehicles and stock from shops with food and tools, timber and bricks then find an area such as a relatively strong castle.

Article added: 09 July 2010

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Zombies hate pink.
So this girl is safe.

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