Editor's Note: The urban dictionary defines streaking as "The art of one stripping down to his nasty naked skin and running around like a moron until he feels the need to jack off." You have probably always wondered how you can join in the fun. Well, here you go!

How to Streak at Night

Did you ever want to be nude in public at night?


1. You should probably go at night to decrease your chances of being seen, and choose a place without lights like a cemetery. If you live near a cemetery, you cannot see into it at night because it is so dark. Streaking in a cemetery at night will be creepy at first, but seriously, zombies don't exist.

2, When entering the cemetery, go in a little before removing your clothes. After you are in, get behind a gravestone and remove your clothing. Then, store it there, and run through the cemetery completely nude. Try to stay towards the middle, as it is almost impossible to see anything there.

3. Enjoy running nude! (Note, you will most likely have an erection doing this. It's perfectly normal.)


* For guys: Just wear pajama pants. No boxers or shirt. Pajama pants are easy to pull on and off, so if their is someone there (highly unlikely) just yank them on. If they see you from a distance, they'll only see your dark silhouette and cannot see any features, such as if your wearing clothes.

* For girls: Just wear pajama pants and a pajama top. No bra or underwear. Or, if you are daring, horny, or just can't be seen easily, don't wear the top. Probably not a good idea though.

* If there is anyone there, RUN. You do not know if they are predators or not. Don't take the risk.

* Enjoy it! You will be erect because of all the adrenaline rushing, which causes your blood to flow fast, which gives you are erection. It's normal.

* Running naked is fun!

* Be around your clothes grave if anyone is near.


* Do NOT get caught.

* It's most likely not a good idea to leave your house completely naked. If you're caught by a cop, you're screwed because you have nothing to quickly slip on. If you bring clothes, you can run to the grave you hid them by, you can quickly slip them on and tell the cop you ran because you were afraid. You were out stargazing and ran from him. An excellent excuse... Unless there are clouds. Then tell him you were on your way home from your failed stargazing expedition.

 Things You'll Need

* Bravery or stupidity, whichever works.

* A starry night

* A dark cemetery

* A grave to hide your clothes by

* A nude you!

Article added: 08 August 2008

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