Editor's Note: Want to create your own gangster's paradise? Have you not managed to pick up how from the gangster MySpace layouts or gangster movies? Never fear, there is (make that was) a wikiHow which can show you how to go totally gangsta.

How To Start a Gang

Here is how to start a successful gang. It will show you what to do, and when. It's exactly how I started the Westside G-Riderz.


1. First, make a name. It can be anything. Try something with Westside or Eastside.

2. Next, get a few close friends as officers or co-leaders.

3. Now you need money. (If you have money skip to step 5)

4. There are a few choices on how to get money. Easiest is to start a small business as a front for your gang, like a bakery. (You can use this later for money laundering). Once you're up to $500, you can start selling guns. To get some guns, go to a bad area of town and look for a drug dealer. Ask him where to get a gun or two, he'll tell you where to go. Buy them as cheap as possible. ($25 is the best you can get…) Sell them in another area of town for DOUBLE what you paid.

5. Once you have about $100,000 from selling guns and baked goods (it takes a while…), buy an old apartment building in the bad area of town for as cheap as possible. You now have a gang base.

6. Once you have that established, start taking over other gang territory, be careful as you might get shot, and your goal is to take over the whole city.

7. After that you will be known as a ganglord, a good title for someone who accomplishes that while avoiding the cops.


* Only try this if you really want your own gang. Otherwise, join another, already made gang.

* Avoid the cops.



 Things You'll Need

* Friends

* A gun or two


Article added: 24 March 2008

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