Editor's Note: There is a real art to how to sell something priceless on eBay. But selling something valuable was probably not contemplated by the author of this little spiel. Some wiki editors don't think much of their friends!

How to Sell Your Friend on eBay

Sometimes your friends become a little annoying. This is the ultimate solution to remove those friends from your life. It is also an advantage to you as it helps you to make money.


1. Take a photograph of your friend doing something natural. You may want to spruce the photo up a little using photoshop if you ever plan on selling the ugly git :)

2. Place an advertisement on eBay. Try to make your friend sound interesting. This is difficult and obviously it will be false advertising. But things need to be done if you plan on getting rid of them.

3. Start the bids off small but not too small. Try something around ten pounds (or twenty-five dollars in the US). Obviously this is a rip off but you need to make some money :)

4. Wait for some poor bugger to bid on your friend.

5. Sneak into your friend's house while they are asleep and wrap them up with cling film.

6. Put your friend into a box with plenty of bubble wrap for comfort and a few items of clothing.

7. Make sure you add enough stamps to the box.

8. Send it off to the unlucky buyer.


* Make sure your friend doesn't see the ad.

* Be extremely quiet when sneaking into your friend's house as you do not want to get charged with breaking and entering.


* Your friend's parents may be extremely upset that they have lost their child.

Article added: 15 August 2008

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Dress him up just a
bit, and you might
get a better price.

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