Editor's Note: When we first saw the title, we thought maybe the author had cracked the problem of time travel, or perhaps was particularly introspective, or was going to instruct us on meditation or something. But no, this how-to probably belongs in the housecleaning section, as it is about how to reach the ceiling when a replacement bulb is needed. A hyperlink to how to perform Chinese acrobatics might come in handy with this one.

How to Reach a Place You Normally Can't

Can't reach the switch? The light bulb there is to change? Worry no more as this wikiHow will teach you, well, how!


1. Try to get taller, if you need to do this in a hurry, try step 2.

2. Stand on furniture, see if you can reach it now. If not, try step 3.

3. Add a smaller chair above it. Try to reach for it, if this works, congratulations, you can now do what you need to!


* Make sure someone is holding the smaller chair when you stand on it.

* Make sure you have clean feet.


* You may fall if you didn't follow tip 1.

Article added: 12 April 2010

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