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How to Drain Energy from Someone Else if You Are a Psy Vampire

So you've been awakened and are now a psy vampire. Yes, I know, it sucks. But you have no control over it. But you have bigger problems than the sun, the exhaustion, and your fictional counterparts. How are you supposed to feed if your not a blood vampire? You have no idea but The Beast won't let up until you do! I'm nearing my second year in Awakening and I can tell you how.


1. Find a person that you trust and that trusts you, the latter is very important. If they don't trust you, then they probably won't let you anyway. This person has to know what you are, and telling them and then suddenly expecting them to let you drain them isn't going to work, once you tell them (and do it gently) give it two or thee days to let it sink in.

2. If your donor has questions ANSWER THEM HONESTLY!! I cannot stress this enough, they are giving you what you need to survive, the least you can do is tell them the truth.

3. Make sure they know what can and will happen. Make sure they know the risks (see the warnings) tell them they will be pretty tired afterwards and it's probably a good idea to do this in a place where they can lie down and go to sleep immediately.

4. Let your donor get comfortable. They can sit down, lie down, whatever. But, unless you want to feel whatever they feel and I don't recommend commonly doing this, make sure they are relaxed.

5. Tell your donor to close their eyes. Trust me, it works better this way.

6. Now this is the part where it varies from person to person. This is my method. I prefer to have to have the person sit and not lie down. Have them sit crosslegged and rest their wrists on their knees (hands should be palm up).

7. LIGHTLY hold your hands on their wrists over the veins. No, there won't be any blood but blood has a great deal of energy in it, there is such a thing as half psy/half sang (sanguarian or blood vampire). These vampires take their energy from blood and just take energy the way I'm describing here.

8. Now here's the fun part (feel the sarcasm?) Close your own eyes and picture their energy. It should be silver, gold, or white, it varies from person to person. If you can actually see the energy, it may help to keep you eyes open but this could distract you. When you picture their energy, picture it as a ___ (fill in the blank with the color you use) frame around them. This is called their aura. If you can see it, it may not be any of the colors I said. My aura is indigo (I'm an indigo child). Now when you can see theirs in your mind or with your eyes, picture your own with it. Picture _____(fill in with color of your aura) tentacles coming from your aura and wrapping themselves around your donor's wrists, not tightly. As light as your touch (and if you have a heavy touch, lighten it). If you want you can picture your hands as the tentacles.

9. Now picture those tentacles pulling at your donor's aura and their energy travelling up the tentacles and into you. Don't do this for too long, if the donor says stop, then STOP RIGHT THEN. DON'T WAIT. DON'T TAKE MORE. STOP RIGHT THEN!!! I only do this for a minute or so from numerous people, that way I can get as much as I need without a risk. To each their own.

10. Now, when you are finished, lift your hands away from their wrists and open your eyes. Your donor can do the same, of course.

11. More than likely your donor will want to lie down for awhile and go to sleep. If so, this is okay. It might take twenty or so minutes for them to feel tired but they WILL. I've seen people crash immediately or actually fall asleep during the draining procedure. (THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS. It wasn't my donor that I'd seen do this, if it had been I would have woken him up. They can't say stop if they are asleep.)

12. Make sure you thank your donor, they not only just gave you some of their life force but risked their life for you!


* This can be done during sex (I've not done that though I've heard in detail, more detail then I needed, how well it works). If done like this the emotions felt would be something similar to a high.

* To eliminate the whole procedure and still get the energy you need you can go to events where large amounts of energy will already be in the air. Rock concerts work best but you may not be able to do something like that. A friend of mine that lives in New York City says that for her just going outside her apartment and standing on the sidewalk, surrounded by the bustle of the city and the vast amounts of people, is good enough for her.

* Reiki, a Japanese method of energy healing involves other healers giving you energy. Reiki is a good thing for a psy vampire to learn, psys already have a certain amount of control over their own energy so any way to learn more of what they can do with it is not an opportunity to pass up.

* If you are a teenager going through awakening then you definitely need to tell someone other then your donor what you are. They will be your rock, your shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and a fountain of advice. Make sure you trust this person and it can't be your parents, normally I would say tell your parents but this is something that, unless you live in a family of vampires (it runs in families), you don't want to share with mom or dad.

* People NOT to tell: Mom, Dad, boyfriend/girlfriend, doctor, your enemies, someone you commonly fight with, your siblings unless you trust them, etc.

* If a donor doesn't want to be drawn from at a particular time (not feeling up to it, sick, busy) they can create a shield of their energy to prevent unwanted drainings. I recommend all donors learn to do this.

* For vampires and donors alike- LEARN THE VOCABULARY. There are a lot of words that go with vampirism. Some of those are just with certain vampires others are universal. Here are some of the ones I've learned.

    * The Beast - The name for the thirst, its called the Beast because it's like a beast, NEVER NEVER NEVER underestimate the Beast. It's capitalized because its a proper noun.

    * Twoofing (there are other words for this)- this mainly goes with sangs but I've seen it with psys. This is when at the sight of blood/chance at energy the vampire loses control and takes as much as they can. It's very dangerous.

    * Awakening - the time when the vampire is awakened to their vampiric nature, Awakening sucks, trust me on that one.

    * Other words and terms include beacon, coming out of the coffin, shield, The Black Veil (yes there are rules), etc.
This page should cover them all: www.sanguinarius.org/terminology.shtml


* You MUST stop if your donor gets too exhausted, you ABSOLUTELY MUST!! People can DIE with this. Don't take too much!!

* If the person says no they mean you can't, no, unless they know how to create a shield they can't stop you but I don't recommend trying anyway. It won't be as… what's the word… fulfilling

* Only ask someone you trust, telling the wrong person what you are could result in a lot of trouble

* NO BITING!! In reality not even blood vampires (Sangs or sanguarians) need to bite so psys obviously won't.

* This mainly goes for blood vampires but sometimes psys need it to. Not all donors are going to be relatives or close friends that you eternally trust. You can find donors on the Internet (I am neither for nor against this). Be careful with that, it can go wrong.

* This also goes for blood vamps but I think psys should also know it. This will seem like overkill but (and blood vampires I demand this of) GET IT IN WRITING that you have permission from the donor to do this. If you live with your donor and some fight or whatever happens and they get to mad at you they could probably find a way to sue you over it. I know with blood vampires cuts have to be made for the blood and I KNOW they can easily sue over that. GET IT IN WRITING!!! It will save you a lot more trouble in the long run.

* Unlike blood vampires, psys are very empathic. This means that if their donor is feeling strong emotions or sometimes any emotions at all at the time the energy drawing occurs then the psy will feel them too. This is great with happiness and calmness but is bad with anger and sadness.

 Things You'll Need

* A, preferably willing, donor if you want to take a human's energy or a plant or animal if you would prefer not to take a human's energy.

* Some way to relax (yes, I expect you to relax with The Beast inside of you, I'm serious).

* Beforehand, a contract you have both signed saying you both agree to this.

* A pillow (for the donor if they would prefer to lay down).

* incense, essential oils, calm music, etc. what ever can calm both you and donor down. All vampires have heightened senses with that hight ranging from a little to a lot, some may not be able to take things with strong smells like the incense or the oils, whatever works for you.

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