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How to Propose to a Girl

Hey guys, need to know a few awesome ways to propose to girls? I can help you. Keep reading this article. In this article I have mentioned a few ways to propose to a girl which you can carry out with a low budget to high budget. I was thinking of proposing to the girl I love with one of these ways. Now let's see what happens with me.


The Plan A series [Lowest Budget]

Plan A1 [The Cold Propose]: In this you need a flower, a rose would be fine, rainy climate and evening time. This is how you must do it. While you walk with a girl in the evening as you return from somewhere, or having just left home with her to take a walk and while it's raining [Mild Raining], just stop her while you are walking. Stop her somewhere where there are less pedestrians and say that there is something you need to say to her and it's urgent, you must say it now. Tell her to close her eyes. Take out the hidden flower you brought for her and present it to her and say that you love her. She would surely like this.

Plan A2 [The Bold Propose]: This is how you must do it. Plan to take her somewhere like to a beach or garden or some other silent and romantic place just after she leaves her college or class. Ask her out explaining to her that you want to help her to reduce her study stress (if she has it). Then when you reach a beach, start a romantic talk with her and talk some flirty things, but don't force them. Then when you feel it's the right time ask her whether she will say yes if you say to her you love her more than anything else in this world. Then if she says yes, kiss her.

PLAN A2+ - C1 and above - [Coming Soon so stay tuned.]

The Plan D series [HIGH Budget Required] [My Fav Ones]

Plan D1 [Ideally at Theater]: In this you need to have a lot money (around $2000) as you may need to book a whole theater for this. In this you will need to make an advertisement banner with some romantic images over which it's written "I Love You". Now book all seats of a theater, try booking the best theater. Now before the show starts ask the projector man to display this advertising banner while romantic music is being played, do not play a vocal romantic song as it has words in it that may disturb your propose. In this propose only, you both must speak. So now when the music is being played, offer her a flower and say you love her. She would surely like it, and would probably say yes.

I'll add more of my plans soon at now I have to go. Bye.


* Never make a rush to propose to a girl.

* Propose only to that girl who deserves such a propose, don't propose to a girl that never cares about you.

* Don't play with her feelings.

* Work positively. Act positive and expect negative results to get a positive result. I know this sounds foolish but this works.


* She can say "No" too, so don't go and propose to a girl while you just expect positive results.

* Be prepared for the "NO" effect.

Article added: 20 July 2009

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The low budget

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