Editor's Note: This article was probably meant in all seriousness. But you have to wonder if the editor really expects us to contact a major corporation to secure naming rights. How do the wikiKids even think of this stuff?

How to Name an Apple Product

Join the iPod craze by making yourself a spiffy Apple name for your MP3 player. This is quick, simple, and VERY cheap if any money needs to be spent.


1. Pick a nickname, or part of your real name that you like that's short. This means one word.

2. Put an 'i' in front of it.

3. Find some clear sticker paper or contact paper and a Sharpie, and either write it on contact paper and stick it on your MP3 player or better still stick it  on but print it with Word or AppleWorks on your computer.


* Even a funny word or a favorite book character works. Just ask whoever owns the rights if the name can be used.


* I'm not affiliated with Apple. Don't email me with junk such as 'My iPod fell in the toilet and it won't play the music but it will do everything else.' What was your iPod doing in the toilet in the first place? What in the world were you thinking???

Article Added: 07 January 2008

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