Editor's Note: If they are not even looking for you, you've got it made. Otherwise, these instructions should help, but as the author notes, you can leave the sheets on the bed.

How to Become a Master of Stealth and Hiding

The art of stealth isn't so hard, just the way you should act if you're detected!


1. Hi, I'm Kevin and from now I'll teach you about my skills.

2. The first thing you gotta do is to start thinking about what kind of sneaking you wanna do!

3. Sneak to scare: DO NOT SNEAK TO SCARE!!! If you wanna scare your parents by sneaking on them you MAY KILL THEM! Some people have got weak hearts and if you scare them you may kill them! I am just a kid, but even if i know these things I'm still sneaking to scare my mom when she goes out to feed her horses. But I stopped doing this a while ago, cuz as soon as I got detected when i scared her it was hard to do it again when she was alert! So i recommend the stealth sneaking.

4. Stealth sneaking: Now you need the art of hiding and shadow melting. The first thing you wanna do is to get a loud dynamo lamp or spotlight! No, I don't think so! Sure a lamp is ok when you're in really dark spaces where you know you can't get detected, but be quiet and don't use it where people can see you! Follow my instructions:

5. You're afraid of darkness? I am! Really I am! But when I'm sneaking I'm like a wolf or a big cat. But when I'm not, I'm a mouse.

6. Get a box that fits you! Hide in it and use it in spaces where there's many boxes so you melt in, and if you found a sheet use it for places like plastic cases so you melt in! Think about all the spaces you may fit in and hide in! If they aren't looking after you, you may hide where ever they won't go to. If you get stuck while no one has yet detected you, scream for help. If they don't, it is going to kill you! Hahaha!

7. When you think you're going to get detected don't move, be quiet and stay to the ground. If they aren't looking for you they may not see you! Don't pop up and scream something like "Hello!"

8. Whatever you do don't wear black clothes!!! I have got a list of what you shall wear and when or were you shall wear it!

9. Night - Dark clothes but DON'T WEAR BLACK! Wear dark blue or brown.

10. Winter - White as snow.

11. Day - Whatever, melt into your environment! BUT DON'T WEAR BLACK CLOTHES! You will be detected as fast as a bear in town!

12. Any other time or environment - Use your fantasy!

13. I don't say don't wear black clothes cuz of racism, but cuz you shine up like a whore house!!! And my best friend is dark so I like dark people!


* Think about the environment first!

* Get a plan A and B! I don't use plans cuz I want that nice little kick^^

* Use a box to hide in! But think about where you hide! Don't hide in the middle of a room! Hide near other boxes or in corners where no one looks!

* When you run or walk do it on the side of your feet! Put down your heel first and let the rest of the foot down smoothly against the ground! Train by sneaking up on a friendly dog or cat!


* Don't scare people with weak hearts or health problems! Or people that faint easily, fainting is for the most times no danger, but still don't!

* This is for fun and not for anything else, so don't use this for killing people cuz my methods may get you killed!


 Things You'll Need

* A box and maybe a sheet. The sheet ain't so useful!

 Sources and Citations

* I have learned by my own experience.

Article Added: 23 January 2009

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