Editor's Note: Hello God! (Surely no one else would have the capability of creating an ice age, and hence, would not come to wikiHowl looking for instructions on same.)

How to Make the Ice Age in a Bottle

Have you ever wanted to create a planet of your own and make all the weather? Well here's how.


1. You gather up all the things you need.

2. Then you fill the bottle with water about half full.

3. Then you put it in the freezer for a week or two.

4. You can check on it if you want, and that would be the Ice Age.

5. But I can't tell you any more.


* When I did it cool creatures were living in it.

* I waited about 1 or 2 weeks.

* Trust me, they’re cooler than they sound.


* Do not touch the water just to be safe.

 Things You'll Need

* A bottle (any size)

* A freezer

* Free time

Article added: 08 April 2011

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