Editor's Note: Here we find out what we learned in kindergarten about being a copycat.

How to Make a Game Like Club Penguin

Do you want to make a fun and popular game like Club Penguin?


1. Pay millions of dollars to go to a computer programming school.

2. Take classes of how to program video games, chat rooms, and such.

3. Now you know how! But there's still more!

4. Spend all of your free rest and relaxation time working hard with no sleep on your new game.

5. Once you are done, watch as no one goes on, because they think it is exactly like Club Penguin and you copied Club Penguin.

6. Now you are done! Yay!


* Try and save up some money before going to programming school so you don't go completely bankrupt. Also try to get some other jobs to earn money quicker. Like babysitting. Or catching piranhas for people who want a new pet.

* Have fun chatting to no one on your new site!


* You may become ill of lack of sleep.

* You may cry because no one visits your site.

 Things You'll Need

* Yourself

* A computer programming school

* A computer to test it out

* $$$

Article added: 24 January 2011

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People await your
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