Editor's Note: Here is one from the "if-we-can-put-a-man-on-the-moon department". It is certainly not impossible to mail ice cream, but we have perhaps not yet quite perfected the technology to render a nice result particularly if your hungry dessert loving friend does not live right around the corner.

How to Mail Ice Cream

Have you ever felt like mailing one of your good friends some ice cream? Now you can!


1. Line a cooler with towels.

2. Pack dry ice, regular ice and ice packs around, beside, under and over the box of ice cream.

3. Shut the cooler, tape it shut extra good for maximum insulation.

4. Mail it.


* Let the recipient know the shipment is on the way.

* Make sure the ice does not bounce around in the box.

* Make sure the recipient likes ice cream, and if so, what flavors.

* Make sure the ice doesn't melt and ruin the ice cream or leak out of the cooler, so pack it in Ziplocks.


* This costs a lot of money, maybe even more than the ice cream.

* Consider sending the intended recipient a check to buy ice cream and pocket the shipping, cooler, ice packs, towels, Ziplocks and dry ice costs.

 Things You'll Need

* Dry ice

* Regular ice

* Towels

* Styrophome cooler

* Ice packs

* Ice cream

* Ziplocks

Article added: 21 July 2008

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Send that skinny
friend of yours a
calorie or two.
She'll never know
what hit her!

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