ed170R'2 n07e: Max Brooks never wrote about it, and you won't find any of this at the Zombie Reporting Center, we're guessing. Nor will the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency offer up any assistance, but this wacky how-to article ought to prepare you perfectly in the unlikely event of a solanum virus epidemic or a Leet Zombie invasion.

How to Survive a Leet Zombie Invasion

Ppl hate zombies… nuff said. If u let them eat ur brains, it sucks. Follow my guide to surviving…


1. Always pack a lunch. The dead never eat, except for ur brains, and unless you are willing to throw away the salvation of mankind and doom us to an eternal hell of walking around going, UUUUUGHHHHH! Make a damn sandwich!

2. Bring plenty of ammo. Like I said, zombies eat brains, so make em eat hot lead!

3. d0/\/'7 /33 @ 20/=1 /\/32d (don't be a rofl nerd). If you are stuck talkin about ur pokemon cards in the middle of a ferocious zombie battle, u can kiss Pikachu's ass goodbye. And don't bust out some lame nerd shizz like, Exodia can SAVE US! cuz u will get lamed, rofled and die. Nuff said.

4. Make sure you stay together. The worst thing that could happen is meeting up with an old friend who turns out to be a zombie because he left the group and now he tore ur fuckin' eye out and u have to decide: kill the one you love, or DIE AND TURN INTO A ZOMBIZOR!!!

5. Watch out for the Zombizors. Zombizors are an elite type of zombie who will not hesitate to roflpwn you no matter what happens. So just keep an eye out for a zombizorified nerd goin, For the Horde!and then gank him with ur Night Elf Rogue. If u don't have one… sucks to be u!

6. Bring a laptop. If u are roflleet like me, u will be BGin it up on WoW while u kill zombizors w/ur lightsaber. If u don't have one, call 1-800-LIGHTSABAH and luke himself will use Alderaanian crystals to teleport it to ur mediclorient count. Uber!


* Don't die


* Don't try this at home

Article added: 25 April 2008

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