Editor's Note: Kissing seems simple, but it must be pretty hard to do. Otherwise, why would kids keep writing articles elucidating the method? It is almost like they are trying to convince themselves. This author tells us she's a a girl, so she "would know", and yet, the reader will wonder if she has ever done it.

How to Kiss a Girl (I Am a Girl I Would Know)

heres how to do it. its not as simple as u think


1. u can do it after u hav a) had a heart to heart (nice) conversation, or you can do it when you b) are just randomly alone or c) on a date and u are tlking

2. look into her eyes

3. move your head a little to the side

4. kiss the babe!!!!! (on the lips - u can do it on her cheek anytime)


* dont kiss her if you havent been gf bf for around 2 weeks

* dont do b) if you havent been gf bf for at least 3 weeks (its also better if you do it for the first kiss for u and her - more romantic)


* dont kiss her when you think she is going to break up with u. it wont convince her

 Things You'll Need

* u

Article added: 12 January 2009

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