Editor's Note: Any public school kid will tell you…..shoe box equals habitat.

How to Keep and Care for Pet Dustbunnies

Bored out of your mind? Or are you just plain Crazy? Then listen up. I will give you all the information need to keep and care for a pet dustbunny. Since no one else had the time to create a page about this topic. anyways here is the info. Enjoy!


1. Find your dustbunny(s). Their natural habitat refers to dry, cozy places like under sofas, mattresses and vents from a dryer. The best place to adopt a dustbunny is at laundrymats. (This is like heaven to them.) Cotton balls work wonders for neat freaks.

2. You'll want to rid him/her/it of D.M. a common disease that new born dust bunnies get. They are called dust mites.

3. Dunk your dustbunny in water, or for a more safer way, peroxide.

4. Don't worry, dustbunnies are like 20% air so you don't have to worry about drowning them!

5. Dry it off on a window pane, or with a blow dryer.

6. Give a name and a habitat. I'd prefer a shoe box lined with felt and old cloth.


* Being a dustbunny breeder, I have discovered the secret of multi-colored dustbunny coats! Simply let them live on felt that is the desired color!

* Don't forget to feed your dustbunny! They like pocket lint and weaker and smaller dust bunny brethren. (Unfortunately yes, dustbunnies are cannibals.)

* Wash your dustbunny about every 1-2 weeks to prevent more dust mites.

* The best way to keep dust mites away is to keep a moth ball in its habitat or a line of bugspray.


* You cannot kill all the dustmites and scabies on or in a dust bunny so be sure to wash your hands after handling these exotic pets.

* I warn all people who have or have had any allergic symptoms due to dusty particles.

 Things You'll Need

* Dustbunny or Cotton Ball (whichever you prefer)

* Shoe box for a habitat

* Food: pocket lint, bits of cloth, or shreds of felt

Article added: 18 December 2009

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Losing a dustbunny
friend is distressing.

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