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How to Improve in Counterstrike Source

Want to get better at counterstrike source (without hacks *haxer noobs* , rofl).


1. Aiming. Having problems aiming? People say play the game for four months or so and you'll be a lot better, tbh that's bollocks. As an experienced CS.S player, I've seen tons of freshly brewed noobies, load up CS.S and have aim and speed like Bruce Lee on the keyboard.

2. Though if you're in need of anti-noob removal cream, I will give you tips how.

3. Weapons and your reaction times are important. If you've got a crap reaction time I would advise learning the art of the M4, TMP-Uzi, p90 and Krieg. If you've got a fast reaction time, Scout must be trashed and the daddy of all guns comes in hand, the awp. (Note, if you are reading this I hope you can deagle. :) )

4. If you are joining a clan, I would advise running through the maps on your steam CS.S account and then also watch demos. I advise www.sourceradio.com for the CS.S demos; although they may be pros you'll mostly watch on demos or very good players, you can at least pick up game sense, aim (how does he aim, how does he cover his team, how does he hold a certain area of the map. I would also advise running through known league maps . Good known maps are located on various clan sites. www.pro-hl.com has loads of CS.S maps to pick from. Always warm up before playing a game. Tea, shower, anything to get your body motivated and ready for playing.

5. Don't rage. Although sometimes players may sound funny as F**K raging, you must refrain from doing so, as the more you rage, the worse you play and the worse you play the better chance of pushing yourself back to the NOOB Corner. And you'll be running back to this guide to figure where did you go wrong?

6. Don't add skins, sounds, music and crap like that when on CS.S. Although music may chill you out when gaming - it eats memory. As for skins it eats FPS, ie Frames per Second - why does it? Here's why: not only is it pasting the CS.S models on the map, it now has to Paste a new design over the old, so you run around with both skins on but not knowing that lots of skins totally eat up FPS, causing not high in jumping, bad reaction in weapon timing, and of course a shit score.

7. Timing. Now, this is when noobs learn how to ku fu like Bruce Lee CS.S players.

8. Throw flashes around corners low to the ground, this will make the enemy shit it, as you gave him no-time to basically turn around.

9. Spectate the map and learn where to launch your flashes and nades. This tactic is useful for warring means.

10. Play on a large de_ server and keep playing on it until you start beating the people that used to beat you, this is because you've been there so long you know what they are doing, where they are going, how they will try and flash you :) and you tear them a new arsehole. Once you have completed beening top of the server for a few nights move on to another server and continue to grow stronger.

11. Get your sound up - I advise a headset :) so you can tell your mates (team players) where to go or to look out.

12. Timing movement. Go and create a map and count from where you move how many minutes/seconds it takes you straight from spawn to reach a certain area. Then you will know for future reference whether you have time to slip into the site or guarded area.


* Aiming. First find a color of crosshair that distracts your eyes to watch it closely. Then type in your CS.S console "cl_crosshairscale 1000 right up to 6000". Any smaller than that and you may just use "cl_drawhud 0" and use no crosshair altogether. After you are done with that play a day with say 3000 as your Xhair size. Then the next day change it to 750… and so on (until your eyes eventually learn to react and correspond better. And wal'ah your aim has improved!

* Also for aiming, do burst shots like for example using the cv_47 (my AK47) ie fire burst shots at head then aim ak @ feet of opponent and let the recoil do the rest. Deagle is different though. Far away, I advise aim above the head by a 1mm and crouch like you're having a crap.

* Always judge where you're opponent might be, for example you got a AK47 and going long, a flash comes in and misses you (the CT is most likely using cover so shoot through the double doors towards the crate and pit wall. This may kill or scare the poor bastard to basically leap in front of your gun.


* Haxers. (Leave the server. Don't fuel these 'tards).

* 5Laughs Irish Professional Lan Team (these bastards will own you, no matter of this guide (rofl only mucking, but will own you.)

* CFG's that have illegal characters (I advise DT's or going onto any 4kings, fnatic, 5Laughs Gaming (ie css professional websites and stealing there CFG's (:P)

* Funny steam messages asking you to confirm you're steam pw and account (this is a scam to steal and sell your account over eBay and such.

* Hope you have enjoyed this guide, Written by 5Laughs Irish Professional Lan Team - 5L^SmoOTh

 Things You'll Need

* Bollocks

* A good mouse

* A good microphone - HEADSET!!!

* Good speakers - HEADSET!!!

* A good smooth table for mouse use

* A good GFX , for shadow spotting etc

* $50 for 5Laughs Irish Professional Lan Team's ANTI-NOOB REMOVAL CREAM!!

* Confidence

* Parents who have no idea what you are into

* And of course Energy (Redbull or some sort of caffeine can help.) *Note I am not responsible for any missing people, guns, fingers+toes, energy drink vans, allergic reactions or any other type of noob infested shit.

Article added: 02 February 2009

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