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How to Identify the Devil by a Social Security Number

Have you ever wondered if the devil lurks in your presence? Till now there has been no sure way to know. But recently, WikiLeaks received information from the IRS that definitely identifies the devil by way of social security number. Sound bizarre? Read on.


1. First, it is clear that the first three digits of the Social Security number will add up to 13.

2. Thirteen remains an "unlucky number" since the Middle Ages when the influence of the devil first became widely known.

3. An example of such a Social Security number is 193.

4. Secondly, the next two digits will equal 10 when added, but will not be the number 10 itself.

5. Ten remains a number of perfection, but the devil cannot attain perfection so must "fracture" it. One such fracture is a SS number that adds up to ten.

6. An example of such a number is 46.

7. Finally, the last four digits must tie into the fabled "number of the beast". Being clever, the devil assumes a clever disguise for such a number. You will not find an obvious 0666 or 6660. But something more subtle, that takes the six and adds or subtracts from it.

8. A number such as 5551 demonstrates this — three fives which beg for an additional number, the 1 of the end.

9. So, outlined here are the first steps in identifying the devil by way of a Social Security number.

10. We will continue at a later date. Till then, look for these number patterns, for a number such as 193-46-5551.

Article added: 11 March 2011

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