Though we spend ninety-nine percent of our time working to bring you interesting articles you might enjoy, we at wikiHowl do get out now and again too! On our last spin around the cyberblock we noticed there are a few other places on the Internet worth visiting; wikis and humor sites alike. We will be noting a few of them here so that you can see.

Illogicopedia bills itself as the nonsensical encyclopedia that anyone can mess up. In terms of wikis where you may wish to try your editing hand, this is quite a little gem. Not overburdened with the gratuitous and rampant profanity which stains many of the otherwise funny or absurd sites out there in the cyberworld, it can be quite a pleasant place to spend some time. What's more, they welcome most of what you would like to contribute especially if it's not entirely logical. Official Illogicopedia Rule Number Three says it best:

Anything else can stay as long as it is clean and of any interest…… Illogicopedia could be termed a working man's wiki,  for which the content would be more accessible.

The site which has as its motto AID EPOC IGOLLI (which is neither Latin nor Greek  for "In illogic we trust") is a terrific place to go when you are feeling in the mood to create something clever and fun. Moreover, what you write does not have to be funny, which can be a bonus.

Un-humour-wise, if such a word exists, Illogicopedia will accept virtually anything with some form of redeeming value. This allows a fairly lax content policy that helps make the wiki more accessible to everyone.

You will find when you hit the randumb (random article locator) button looking for an article where you can go insane (make your edits), that some of the articles don't have enough past frenzies (historical edits) to bring them out of the stub status. This of course is true of any wiki. But on the other hand, the Featured Content over at ?pedia as it is affectionately called, is very nicely put together, covering all kinds of topics from a nice ramble by an ADD sufferer about ADD to a very well-illustrated article about chess.

So if you wish to browse some clever featured content, or to add to the encyclopedia of nonsense, craziness and general intrigue, head right over to Illogicopedia and give it a try!

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