Editor's Note: There is no end to how much fun you can have with a flea, or so it would seem. Maybe this is why dogs are such happy creatures!

How to Have Fun With Fleas

Everyone hates fleas, and normally try to kill them. But instead of killing them, why not have some fun with them? (And possibly killing them in the end.) If you want to know how to have fun with fleas, read on!


1. Funny Fleas. Build a flea circus. Make sure their little circus is properly closed so they don't escape. Read books or articles on the Internet on how to train fleas in this manner.

2. Flea Fireballs. Light the flea on fire and let it jump away. As it jumps away, it should explode mid-air or close/on the ground. DO NOT ATTEMPT WITH RUGS/CARPETS NEARBY.

3. Fleas that Swim. Fill a cup with water. Take a few pieces of string and line them evenly in the cup so they form lanes. Find a few fleas and catch them. Put them all in the cup, and make sure one flea has a lane to itself. Watch as they try to swim to the other side like an Olympic swimmer! Make sure you put something on the string so the fleas can't climb onto them and jump away.

4. Survival. Fill a cup near the middle with water to ensure the fleas can't escape. Find some tea tree oil and put a few drops into the cup. For fleas, tea tree oil is super-deadly, so it will be a matter of seconds before they die in the water. Find a few fleas and catch them. Put them all into the cup at the same time. Every person gets their own flea, and whoevers flea survives the longest wins.

5. Itchy and Scratchy. Find a flea and capture it. Find someone that you hate or want to get revenge on for something mean they did to you. Walk up to them with the flea in your fingers. When the person isn't looking, put the flea in their hair, on their skin, on their clothes, etc. Watch as they soon become super-itchy shortly after.

6. Jumping Contest. Catch a few fleas and put them into a clear container. Let them jump around and see which flea jumps the highest.

7. Dissection. Take a microscope, a scalpel, and some tea tree oil. Now find a flea and catch it. Pour a drop of tea tree oil on it. It should die in a few seconds. When it's dead, put it under the microscope and dissect it. Explore what is hidden inside the flea and what it looks like close-up.

8. Racing. Get a clear container that is long. Put some string at one side of the container. This is now the finish line. Find some fleas and put them in the container, and then quickly seal it. Each person gets a flea. Whoever's flea jumps to the end first wins!

9. Hammer Time. Find a rubber mallet and find and catch a few fleas. Go outside where there is a flat, hard surface. Each person gets a flea. Put one flea at a time down so they don't all escape. Try to smash it with the mallet and see just how many smashes it takes to kill the flea. Repeat with the rest of the fleas. Whoever's flea takes the most smashes to kill wins!

Article added: 30 March 2009

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