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How to Go from a Total Glamorous Girlie Diva to a Dark, Creepy, Gothic Girl That Is Into the Supernatural, Annoys Your Parents and Scares Your Brother and Anyone else You Don't Like

OK, i'll be straight with you, this requires making some major changes. I know you are meant to be yourself, but I suppose your sick of hearing that, so I won't tell you to be yourself. I'll tell you what you want to know, because yourself obviously wants to change or you wouldn't be reading this.


1. Ok, do this when the school holidays start, it doesn't have to be the summer holidays, it could be the Christmas holidays or the Easter holidays.

2. Sort through your wardrobe, if you have a sister, give her all the pink and girlie stuff. Keep anything black, red, or dark purple.

3. Ok, so you've found all the scary stuff you own, now go shopping, the things you should buy are listed in the things you'll need section.

4. Now put all your new clothes and accessories away.

5. Re-decorate your room, give the girlie stuff to your sister if you have one, or just stash them away in boxes, replace them with the dark stuff, if you are allowed, paint your walls dark red, if not, just put black sheets on the bed. If you can get a fake bat, hang it from the light, make your room as scary as possible, have a table for scary decorations and a shelf for all your scary books, books on witchcraft, diaries etc.

6. Watch some horror films.

7. Read some scary stories.

8. If you have one, tell a younger sibling scary stories.

9. Have a secret book that's red or black and write in it scary stories, people you hate, revenge plans and disturbing stuff you find on the Internet.

10. Blast some music, bands like Evanescence, learn a few Evanescence songs! Be a bit rebellious, don't be a goody goody.

11. Wear your new clothes and make up and jewellery. If you are allowed get hair extensions in weird colours, if you have black hair you don't have to, but I do recommend it. For ginger, brown and black hair try purple and blue extensions, blondes and people with black hair could try dark red.

12. Try to get a pale complexion, don't play out in the sun too much.

13. Don't be little miss happy happy.

Now, when you go to school:

14. If your school has a uniform, just wear your extensions and some black mascara, if your school allows either red or black lip stick. If you have your ears pierced wear either black studs, or skull earrings, wear chunky bracelets and gothic rings. Wear your new gothic school bag.

15. If your school tells you to cover your books, cover them in black paper, if you want you can buy skull stickers and put them on too.

16. If you're asked to write an English story make it scary, always find a way to scare people, bring death and darkness and gore into all your work.

17. Try to hang out with goths and emos.

18. Now this is where your witchcraft books come in, if someone ticks you off, then look through your spell book and find an appropriate spell. This is NOT a joke, there really are books of spells that people write and there REALLY are people who do this, but do it in the privacy of your bedroom.

19. Pull pranks on your siblings if you have any.

20. Don't bother being nice to your siblings.

21. If you're allowed, have sleepovers on Halloween and tell scary stories and play bloody Mary. If you're not allowed then play with your siblings it'll freak them out.

22. Don't sing carols at Christmas, sing Gothic Christmas by Within Temptation.

23. Don't be afraid to get detention, it's fun!


* Try not to smile too much.

* If someone is mean to you don't be afraid to be mean back, but do it up front, no more going behind their backs and manipulating their friends. Speak your mind to them, don't let people tell you what to do.

* If you lose friends over this then they're not your real friends, forget those academically incompetent psychos.

* You can still enjoy Christmas though, just don't ask for anything pink.


* Get detention a lot, but don't get yourself expelled or suspended.

* If you get grounded for scaring a sibling don't deny it, being grounded is fun, who wants to go outside in the stupid sunshine anyway.

 Things You'll Need

* At least ten black tops

* At least five pairs of black trousers

* At least two pairs of black jeans

* At least three tops with scary or disturbing messages on them

* At least one top with a skull on it

* At least three tops in colours like blood red and dark blue

* At least two black jackets

* A choker

* Some big chunky belts

* Some studded belts

* Some belts with skulls on

* A black necklace

* A black bracelet

* A black ring

* Other gothic jewellery

* A pair of black boots

* Some flat black shoes

* Some black sun glasses

* Black lip stick

* Red lip stick

* Black, purple and grey eye shadow

* Eye liner (if you are allowed)

* Some scary books, I suggest RL Stine to start off and work up to scarier, but try the Shivers series too

* Horror films

* Pranking equipment

* A gothic school bag (just black will do)

* A door sign that is a tiny bit threatening or just a big skull on the door

* Scary room decorations, things like bats, skulls, spiders, ornament witches

* Some Evanescence CD's

* Black pens

* A scary looking diary, to write dark secrets in

* Books on witchcraft, maybe a few on black magic, some books with revenge spells in them. But hide these from your parents.

Article added: 08 March 2010

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