Editor's Note: If the pages of wikiHow are any judge, there a LOT of people coming to the Internet to find out how to get a boyfriend, how to kiss a boyfriend, how to treat a boyfriend, how to cheer up your boyfriend, how to get your boyfriend to move in, how to spend quality time with your boyfriend and on and on and on. This article takes a gender nonspecific approach.

How to Get a Boy/Girlfriend

Welcome to How to Get a Boy/Girlfriend, we hope you enjoy the advice.


1. You have to start talking to that person more.

2. You have to do stuff with that person for a while.

3. You might want to start telling them your TRUE feelings about them.
But, wait about 2-3 weeks! Or you might get dumped.

4. Ask and see if they want to do stuff with you. (Read the tips!)
If they say yes ask them where they want to go.
If they say No! You choose, then give them ideas. Like say Well, want to go to the movies? - Everything is on me!   If they say okay, then ask them what movie they want to see. And once again, if they say You choose, then give 'em ideas.

5. THE BIG KISS. So you're at the movie theater, right, sit in the back row (if it is a romantic movie). If it's like scary or something, I wouldn't.

6. I know, I know, I didn't say anything about THE KISS... but it will be in here!

7. Back row (romantic movie only). Wait till you think where the most romantic spot is and... SMOOCH!! (Make sure he/she is ready for that time of the kiss.)

8. After the movie is over, take your Man/Lady home (if you don't have plans for afterwards). Once you arrive at his/her house, say that you will give 'em a call tomorrow morning. (Make sure you know what time they wake up.)

9. Gift Time! Get your Guy/Girl a present you know they will like.
If you don't like it (a gift bought for you)... DON'T HIDE THE TRUTH! That leads to RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS! Just tell them calmly... Sorry, but I don't really like what you got me, I'm not trying to be rude, but I just don't really like it, I'm sorry".  :(
If they can't return it, ask them how much it was and you can re-pay them.

10. This is about it. That's all I've studied and found out. I HOPE THIS WORKS!

11. 50-50 Chance! If I didn't help you, I will delete this page. (If 10 people say this didn't work out for them, poof! I will delete this.) Thank you for reading.


* (This tip is for Step 4.) Just say it calm... play it cool.
If they say No... then that's the 1st time I failed.


* May not work on some boys/girls! Use steps / tips wisely!


 Things You'll Need

* A good sense of humor!

Article added: 11 February 2008

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That special someone
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