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How to Get Your Phone Into School

With the new cell phone rage it is becoming harder and harder to live without that new cell phone, wait on that call or send that IM and text message. But with school getting tougher on the cell phone policy what are we to do? Here's the answer for those of you who go through metal detectors!


1. Wrap your phone in a decent amount of foil paper and be very generous with it.

2. Find a cup (used to hold tea) or thermos (clean), with a very small hole at the top.

3. Get a tea bag and open it. Place the wrapped-up cell phone in the cup and cover it.

4. Get to school a little late with a moderate crowd lined up for the metal detector and casually sip at your cup of tea.

5. Get to the line with your belt, cup, and as much jewelry as you can and place it on top of the scanner and walk through.

6. If your officers are like mine they will let you go past, but if you must carry the cup don't panic the foil paper will throw off the detector so it may also be safe to place it in your bag.

7. Reach over and get your stuff. Don't be too excited and act normal. You could say "Good morning" or smile but if you don't usually do it, don't start now. Be normal! Walk off!!


* Be friendly to your security guards!!

* Or you can place someone else's bag on top of yours so they can't see what's in your bag (this is where the crowd comes in).

* If possible hide it somewhere (tape etc.) and come back for it.


* If (and that's a huge IF)…if you get caught there may be some slight embarrassment but you may not be the only one.

* Ladies!!! Ladies please don't put it in your underwear or bra, they can feel up your breasts or make you go in the bathroom and take it out!

Article added: 22 December 2008

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