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How to Get Over Sirius Black's Death

When Sirius died in the fifth Harry Potter book, it devastated many of us loyal fan girls. These are steps to help you get over his death.


1. Read the scene where he dies, over and over. It will make it hurt less as you begin to accept the truth.

2. Realize that JK Rowling is very considerate towards us fan girls and mentions Sirius a lot in the 6th and 7th books and even includes flashback scenes that he is in.

3. Remember that if Sirius had lived, he probably would have gotten paired up with some totally undeserving female character. At least he died single!

4. If all else fails, just live in denial.


* The healing from this great tragedy takes time.

* There's always fanfiction!

* Don't forget he will always be in your heart.

* Remember this is only a book, sometimes you need to look at reality.


* You may never get over his death. It was just that sad.

* If this breaks you up so much, you will possibly need to seek help because you have nothing else to care about.

Article added: 03 July 2009

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