Editor's Note: Sorry, we have no Guitar Hero 3 cheat codes for you in this consolegaming article. However, we have something you'll not be finding on any Kingdom Hearts walkthrough, thanks to snapping up this article before wikiHow stamped it out! Here is a skill which will help you feed your video game addiction, as if you needed any help.

How to Play Video Games With Your Toes

Do you ever find that your hands are busy but the will to continue gaming is too strong? Well then. This is the article for you. Warning: This article works best when sitting on the couch, playing console video games. For the computer gamers, good luck.


1. Guitar Hero: You feel like you just have to rock on Guitar Hero, but you are busy?
Put that sucker on easy mode. Put the controller on the ground and hover your feet over it. Use one foot to press the buttons and the other to strum.
Practice hitting it on beat! It is a useful skill when not rocking just isn't a choice!

2. Kingdom Hearts: Feel like beating the hell out of... but you have to fold clothes or something of the sort? No fears! Put the controller at your feet.
Use one foot to control where you are going and the other to rapidly hit the attack button.
If you are on the Gummie Ship this is far easier! Use your big toe to hold down the X button! You rapid fire and destroy anything in your path and it is smooth sailing.

3. Other games: I have not tested this with other games but give it a shot! It is a far more useful skill then actually having a life!


* Make sure to watch the screen! Don't get too distracted.

* Exercise your new skill carefully, you can sprain a baby toe if you get too reckless.


* Toes are a privilege not a right! Use them wisely!

* Don't do this in public. Not everyone wants to see your nasty Neanderthal feet!

* Women will not find this impressive. Do not attempt to use this information in a pick up line!

* However; 1 in 129,485 women will find this a turn on. This is Skip's Law - "One in 129,485 women will find Skip attractive." If you do find a girl who does enjoy this, keep her or die forever alone.

* If you do find a girl who finds this attractive they probably routinely rock harder then you.

* Women who do find this attractive will probably come to you feeling a lack of masculinity in their life. This is normal. If you can live with said side effect then you are golden.

Article added: 15 February 2008

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A quick warm up for
the toes can't hurt.

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