Editor's Note: Slight problem, in order to pull the wool over the eyes of your boyfriend, you are probably going to have to actually go to the foreign country, according to Step Number Seven, unless you are thronged with jetsetter friends. (See Step Number Eight).

How to Write Postcards to Fool Your Ex Boyfriend That You Live in a Foreign Country

This for all the girls who have either been stalked or can't be bothered with their loser ex-boyfriends.


1. Buy some foreign country postcards (best in the old commonwealth as they have similar stamps)

2. Write about your feeling of loss that you have split up.

3. Make sure you talk of a valid reason for being in the country.

4. Make sure you have a valid reason if he sees you in the local high street.

5. Change your social networking site address to the relevant place.

6. Make them brief and plausible.

7. Try and post them when you're in the country.

8. Or allow your friends who are on holiday to post them for you.


* Move on and find someone else preferably broader than him, so if it comes to meeting him in the street he doesn't approach you.

* Buy great postcards.

* Don't say that you live in the Vatican City and you're married to the Pope.


* Do not go out with his best friend

* Do not go to his home street

* Make it believable!

Article added: 01 December 2008

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