Editor's Note: Any dentists office is full of tools you can use if you really think this article is a good idea. Which it isn't.

How to Fight a Dentist

Many times, dentists give an attitude or use improper teeth maneuvers. This article will help you fight a dentist by teaching you his weaknesses.


1. Make sure you really want to fight the dentist. They have had less education than orthodontists and periodontists, so they're likely to be more "street."

2. Insult the dentist's family/receptionist to get him riled up.

3. Punch the dentist in the mouth, because dentists will naturally be concerned with their teeth. While he's using his mirror on a stick, use judo/karate on him.

4. Take pictures so future dentists know who they're dealing with.


* Have fun! Remember that it's not the end of the world if he wins

* Use his own tools against him. (ie: water picks, air sucker, etc)


* Do not try this is he's in your mouth, or vice versa.

* Take off his glasses before any eye attacks.

* Make sure his dentist friends are not in the vicinity. If need be, hold a hygienist hostage. They're usually slutty.

Article added: 03 May 2010

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