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How to Overcome Falling Under Your Best Friend's Mom's Car

How to avoid the wintry perils of extreme northern or southern climes


1. Avoid driveways with snow in them - if at all possible, have the adult driver drop you off at the end of the driveway. You can make the trek to the house.

2. Avoid walking around cars during puberty, especially 7th grade. During this time, your body is maturing and your bones are growing, resulting in embarrassing clumsiness due to that great growth spurt.

3. Make sure you wear proper shoes in the snow. Boots are the best suggestion.

4. If you choose not to wear boots, wear something with good traction.

5. High heels are not suggested for this type of weather.

6. Black high heels with white socks are not suggested, ever. No matter what the weather is like. Or what decade it is.

7. It's probably a really good idea to get into/out of the car on whichever side has the least amount of snow.

8. If you do find yourself falling underneath the car, straighten the arm on the outside of the body and create a fist, so that it can plunge into the nearest snow bank to soften the blow.

9. You will probably continue to fall, up to 8 to 15 times. If this happens, keep using the stiff arm method.

10. After a couple of falls into the snow bank in which the car is parked so near, try to regain your footing, find your best friend, and try to get out.

11. Do whatever you can do get out from underneath the car with as little embarrassment as possible.

12. If you have to roll, even just get out of the snow bank. At this point, don't even try to use your feet. It's not helping much as it is. Rolling, crawling, digging your hands into the snow, and doing the crab walk are all helpful ways of getting yourself out of such situation.

13. Revel in this marvelous memory for years to come with laughter. Try not to act embarrassed about falling. Everyone does that!

14. Learn from your mistakes! Never again wear black shoes with white socks.

Article added: 03 March 2008

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With a little technique
you can keep from
falling under a car
in the snow.

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