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How to Erase Your Memory

Is your life REALLY bad? Do you wish you could get rid of all those horrid memorys? Well, now you can!


1. Think about why you want to erase your memorys. Some of them could of been the best in your life, like when you got married, for example.

2. Go to a specialist who deals in memory erasing.

3. Type in erase memory into google.co.uk, or ask.com, and see what you can find.

4. If you can't find anything, give yourself amnesia. You can do this by hitting yourself HARD on your temples (the side next to your eye towards the ear.) if this doesn't work, ask a friend to do it. Then it'll be a shock, and don't let them tell you when your going to do it. This will work, and make you forget every memory.


* Don't do it unless you are absolutly positive that you want to erase your memorys. You WON'T EVER get them back again! And you may forget useful stuff, like the difference between an elephant and an apple.

* Ask your friend to hit HARD on your temples.

* Read the steps.


* DON'T do it 'unless' your SURE

* Go to a specialist FIRST! They'll talk over things.

 Things You'll Need

* Friend (possibily)

* Specialist

* Yourself

* Temples

* A hard Hitting Hand

* A sure answer

Article added: 23 November 2007

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