Editor's Note: Work hard on following these rules and you won't have to work hard.

How to Do As Little Work As Possible


1. Don't go to College - Just get a low paying job right out of High School and live in an old dumpy house.

2. Don't work any more hours then you're scheduled to - If you're working more hours than you have to then that means that you're doing more work than you need to. This isn't good if your goal is to do as little work as possible.

3. Buy a Computer - This will ensure that you won't want to go to work that often because you'll be so addicted to your computer.

4. Always eat dinner at your parents house - If you're going to eat dinner at your parents house every night then you won't need to buy that much food so you'll have a really low food bill.

5. Watch more TV - TV is making people in America a lot lazier because there are so many good shows on now, so if you're watching a lot of TV then that will definitely prevent you from working a lot.

6. Play more Video Games - Video Games are becoming more and more addictive these days so with TV, and Video Games in your life you will definitely get lazier and you'll be doing much less work.

7. Before doing any of these steps make sure that doing as little work as possible is really what you want to do for the rest of your life.


* No tips here just make sure that you do all of the steps mentioned above and you'll definitely be on your way to doing as little work as possible for the rest of your life.


* Getting married or having children could interfere with doing as little work as possible, so make sure you stay away from the opposite sex as much as possible and make sure you don't decide to get married or have children, if you want to achieve your lifetime goal of doing as little work as possible.

Article added: 16 April 2010

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