Editor's Note: With that nifty dart gun you got for Christmas, you can do just about anything.

How to Create an Explosion Equivalent to 15000 Nuclear Bombs With a Baby Gazelle and 4 High Monkeys (You Will Also Need 15000 Nuclear Bombs)

I know it sound ridiculous, but it is possible. Here's how...


1. Go to a zoo in the night, break in.

2. Shoot four monkeys with rhino tranquilizers.

3. Put them in a hemp sack with marijuana leaves already in there. (The monkeys will inhale it while they sleep in order to get high.)

4. Put them in your car.

5. Drive to a store and buy a gazelle.

6. Go to a military base and take it over with your dart gun.

7. Go to the bomb storage bay and load a C130 Hercules with the bombs (you will have to make several trips to your house and back in order to get all 15000 nuclear bombs).

8. Line up all the bombs.

9. Short fuse them to a detonator button in a box of bananas.

10. Wake the monkeys and gazelle and let them run wild.

11. Get in to the Hercules and fly far far away (if you don't you will die).

12. Find a tropical island.

13. Set up a beach chair and watch the show.

14. Make sure you have fun.


* Make sure The gazelle and monkeys are heavily drugged you don't want them to wake up in your car.


* Monkeys have very sharp claws and THEY WILL throw feces at you so watch out.

* Bombs are very dangerous and they can explode.

* Make sure you know how to singly fly a C310 Hercules.

Article added: 24 May 2010

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