Editor's Note: When contemplating world destruction, the most important thing is of course a good pair of scissors.

How to Clone Hitler

This will show you the step by step instructions on how to clone Adolf Hitler. Then you can take over the world and complete the final solution.


1. Borrow Dr. Who's phone booth and go back in time to your preferred time of Hitler's existence.

2. Knock out an SS guard and take his clothes. Become disguised as a nazi.

3. Get close to Hitler and snip a piece of his hair when he's not looking.

4. Go back to the present time.

5. Find a cloning lab and break in at night when no one is there.

6. Clone Hitler.


* Avoid getting found out


* You might get killed by the nazis if they find out what you really are.

 Things You'll Need

* A pair of scissors

* Time machine

* Cloning lab

* Hitler's hair

Article added: 10 July 2009

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Not quite enough
Y chromosomes
in this clone.

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