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How to Say Boo to a Goose

This is a guide on how you can say boo to a common goose.


1. First you need to find yourself a goose. They can be found at various farms and attractions around the country.

2. Next you need to gain access to said goose. Wait until the farmer isn't looking.

3. Then you need to approach the goose with care making sure not to startle it.

4. Take a deep breath in and then shout at the top of your voice boo!

5. The goose has now been booed and you need to make your getaway.

6. Run as fast as you can away from the animal and vacate the area.

7. Congratulations, you have now said boo to a goose.


* Make sure you wear your goose protection gear (which can be purchased from www.bootoagooseequipment.com)

* Try to get a good boo.

* Geese don't like sweat so try to bathe before carrying out the procedure.

* Learn a goose call. This will calm them.

* Do your research, you don't want to be walking around on private property!


* Geese can get angry when you boo them so make sure you get away quickly, as you could be harmed by the goose's mighty beak.

* Farmers tend to shoot on sight so make sure you find a nice farmer or a non-private area.

Article added: 11 January 2008

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Be sure to speak to
the correct end
of the goose.

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