Editor's Note: Don't tell the ghost hunters, but people are coming to wikiHow giving instructions on how to become the very thing real life ghostbusters are looking to get rid of. This could sharply increase ghost stories, ghost videos and other ghostly encounters. Against that? Then don't do it. But if you want to become a player in the ghost world, don your ghostly robes and give it a shot!

How to Become a Ghost

Tired of dressing up for Halloween each year? Want to have a permanent Halloween costume? You can have a permanent Halloween costume by becoming a ghost!


1. Die. It doesn't matter how, you could jump off a building, eat bad food, shoot yourself in the head, or however you want. All that matters is that you die.

2. After your soul leaves your body, wait for about nine hours for your soul to reach to heaven or hell, depending on if you were a good or bad soul. It's worth the wait if you really want to become a ghost!

3. When you get to heaven, or hell, jump into the portal at the very left.

4. Climb up the ladder.

5. Crawl through the tiny hole you should see at the right.

6. The place you are at should look like a room with no doors. Talk to the man standing in the corner. Say, Hi! to him, then wave, lick his shoe, and then headbutt him. A portal should appear behind you.

7. Jump into the portal quickly! The portal takes about five seconds and it closes. If you fail the first time, don't worry. You get a second chance, but that is it.

8. You should be standing on your dead body now. Dispose of your body into the nearest garbage can or body of water.

9. God or Satan should appear. He should be asking you whether or not you really want to be a ghost. Tell him yes.

10. Congratulations! You are now officially a ghost! On Halloween, scare little children and eat their candy!


* Don't skip any steps!

* Be polite to God/Satan!

* Have a smile on at all times!

* Headbutt the man standing in the corner hard, or else the portal won't appear.

* Have fun scaring children on Halloween!


* If you fail to jump out of the portal that closes in about five seconds the second time, you will be stuck with the man standing in the corner forever!

* If you are gay, you won't become a ghost!

Article added: 14 March 2008

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