Editor's Note: Some how-to guide writers make humorous leaps of faith. Spend a lot of time together naked with someone you really like, who is of the opposite gender, but don't have sex. Yeah right!

How to Become Pure

Do you fell the need to purify yourself? It takes a lot of hard work and diligence but the results are fantastic! There is a three step plan to purify your body mind and spirit. Be sure you separate yourself from everyone before beginning this.


1. You must go on a vegetarian low-fat diet for the entire time you are purifying.

2. Drink at least eight 6-oz bottles of good clean water a day. Water is the essential body purifier.

3. Bathe three times a day in a natural hot spring. It's best to not wear a bathing suit while doing this, as it can affect your purification.

4. Practice yoga or Pilates at least an hour every day.


1. Go and sit in a field for two hours a day. Just sit cross legged and contemplate the world around you.

2. During free time listen to music by people like James Blunt, soft and meaningful.

3. You should speak to no one during this time, solitude is extremely important.


1. For this part of the purification you need one person with you. You must trust this person completely and be ready to show them anything.

2. For the spirit section, clothes are off limits. Clothing restricts your spirit.

3. Go and sit, completely naked, in the hot spring with your companion. Allow them to touch you. You must release your body for your spirit to be pure. Remember NO SEX!

4. Become comfortable in your body, to the point where you and your companion do everything naked together.


* This should take AT LEAST two weeks, preferably more.

* It is helpful if your companion is also purifying. Your companion can be either male or female, it doesn't matter, however, the opposite sex will have the greatest effect. You must make sure that they won't become overexcited and mess up your purification.

* One good way to spiritually release is to have your companion insert small, warm pebbles into your vagina. Be sure they are clean though. If you're comfortable with this you are well on your way.


* Avoid sex during this time. Sex blocks the bodies capacity to purify. This is to turn you spiritually to a virgin's mind. Sex will not allow this.

* If your partner is of the opposite gender, be careful not to let them get excited over your body, sex will ruin this.

Article added: 13 June 2008

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