Editor's Note: As always, the best way to become unusual is to copy all the other unusual people. Here's the main stuff to copy, got it?

How to Become an Indie Elitist

This is a rough guide to become an indie elitist. You cannot instantly become an indie elitist and it will take a lot of effort and hard work. To a certain extent you are born indie however it can be acquired over time.


1. Get a bike! Go out and get a bike, and don't get a mountain bike. Get a road bike. You can build it yourself, or even take it apart and rebuild it, just to do it. Also roll your trouser leg up. This prevents your skinny jeans getting caught in your chain and it also looks pretty cool.

2. Love to hate music! As soon as you hear a song and you love it, immediately start hating it because you know that its going to get popular. Then when the song gets popular, start loving it again, but not for the same reason that you loved it when you were hating it. You should love it because it popular and its ironic.

3. Check Pitchfork! You should check Pitchfork on holidays and weekends just in case, to check up on new posts and to study up.

4. Make up bands! Make up band names and information about them just because no one will have ever heard of them and wont know. Basically, the less well known the band is the better.

5. Clothes! Buy your first piece of clothing from American Apparel, H&M or Urban Outfitters and after that its like a snowball effect.

6. Look down on people! Look down on people for their musical taste or any over taste different to yours. If they don't look like you, look down on them. If they do, find something to look down on them for.


* Tight is never too tight!

* Check Pitchfork!

* Be willing to dig a little to find things!

* Only buy Apple products!

* Look down on people for their musical taste or any taste different to yours.

* Its really indie to be gay!

* Be really witty, sarcastic and have a dry sense of humor!

Article added: 07 June 2010

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Always start with a full
Internet search on
an Apple product.

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