Editor's Note: There is a six pack abs wikiHow, a cover letter wikiHow, a french kiss wikiHow, a tie a tie wikiHow, and many Runescape and World of Warcraft wikiHows. There are more wikiHows than you can count, about how to be popular, cool, pretty and pimple-free! But there was only one wikiHow to about how to be a wikiHow Master, and now it is gone forever... from wikiHow. But we have preserved this funny how-to for your reading enjoyment.

How to Be a wikiHow Master

It is a serious and prestigious honor to become a wikiHow master. Not everyone is intellectually competent to comprehend the delicate skills it takes to master the divine art. So if these instructions baffle your fragile little mind please save yourself and stop reading. It just may be that you are not part of the elite force of wikiHow ninjas.


* 2 cups awesome

* 500 Tbs ninja

* 1 cup of The Force

* Tabasco sauce?

* 8 cups pimp juice


1. Type in wikiHow in the sacred address bar. Be patient, thou newbie, the home page shall arrive shortly. When the home page comes forth, salute with great enthusiasm. You must appreciate the power of the home page.

2. Step two. Ponder to the depths of the universe. Submerse your mind into the deepest most desirable questions. Remember, the infinite knowledge will not fail you my young Padawan.

3. Type the carefully thought questions into the (type in here) a.k.a search bar. Check your spelling... even wikiHow ninjas mess up.

4. Patient, the information you desire will come hither in moments.

5. Select an article from the list that is presented to you. This is possibly the most crucial and difficult part. This is what separates a wikiHow newbie from a wikiHow master (ninja). Choose wisely. May the force be with you.

6. Read the article and if it is not what you desired then you have failed to become a wikiHow master. There are NO second chances.


* Once you have mastered the art, pressing Random Article is fun.

* wikiHow twice a week to stay in ninja shape.

* Once you are a wikiHow master you can have your title revoked if it is improperly used or mistreated by the wikiHow professional organization or W.P.O.


* It is addicting

* Serious burns

* Eye fatigue

* Restless leg syndrome

* No friends

* Hairy arms... sometimes legs

* Uncontrollable odor

* Loss of tan

* Albinism

* Uncontrollable knowledge of random things

 Things You'll Need

* Computer

* Internet

* Intelligence

* Ninja skills

* The Force

* Unanswered questions

* Keyboard

* Time to waste

* Tabasco sauce?

Article added: 07 April 2008

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wikiHow mastery is a
magical thing.

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