Editor's Note: This joke how-to article was apparently written for the many fans of Super Sentai, in its various forms: Power Rangers SPD, Power Rangers Mystic Force, Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Funny, as with all wikiHow instructions, everything is so very easy when boiled down to its essential elements. Just grab a megazord and you are good to go!

How to Be a Power Ranger

Have you ever felt like fighting big rubbery monsters in tight colorful spandex suits? Then this article is for you!


1. The first step to becoming a Power Ranger is to learn how to fight. You should learn how to use judo, taekwondo, or muay tai. Another very important thing you should do while fighting is to yell aaayaa!! or kiiyaa!!! or huyiaaaah! A Power Ranger never executes awesome moves without yelling out ninja calls like these.

2. Now that you are properly trained in Power Ranger fighting, it's time to get the rest of your team. A Power Ranger is never without three to five of his ranger buddies to help him kick ass. You should definitely start hanging out with a couple of badass hardcore people . Try to have at least one girl in the group. There's always at least one girl Power Ranger . And plus, no guy worth his nuts wants to be the pink ranger.

3. The third step is the tricky part. You have to find some kind of supernatural power force, or some high government technology to give you the power to morph into your respective color Power Ranger .

4. Now you need the most important tool of a Power Ranger …the megazord. The recommended megazord types are animals or cars (but you could be original and have fish megazords or something. That would be sweet.)

5. If you followed all the steps above, you are most likely a full fledged Power Ranger. Now you need to find some bad guys to explode. if your city isn't already being ravaged by extraterrestrial creatures, the best way to get some action is to piss off the aliens. With that, you're on your own.

6. Now that you have all that is needed to be a Power Ranger , you can finally begin your career as a MIGHTY MORPHIN SUPER BADASS HARDCORE MEGA AWESOME POWER RANGER!!


* If you want to be the top ranger, always choose red.

* If you want to be the the loser ranger, choose blue.

* If you want to be the babe, choose pink.

* If you want to be the ranger no one cares about, choose yellow.

* You should always pose in some cool way after destroying a monster, whether in your zord or not.


* Pissing off certain aliens could lead to the destruction of the Earth, so try to only pick on the retarded ones.

* If one of your male buds would like to be the pink ranger, get rid of him.

* Most of the monsters you will fight will look stupid beyond belief, try not to laugh at them.

* If someone figures out that you're a Power Ranger, you will have to kill them.

Article added: 04 April 2008

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No guy worth his nuts wants to be the pink

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