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How to Be a Teen Wolf

I grew up in Cut Bank, Montana and when I was a sophomore in high school I started going through some changes. Now you might be thinking Oh you mean changes like any other teenager. But no, I'm talking something you've never heard of before... It all started during a baseball game towards the end of the year. I was pitching and I heard the batter mutter something I didn't like… don't ask me how I heard it... anyway I got so mad I pitched the ball and it hit the catcher's mitt and he flew backward and had third degree burns all over. I had thrown the ball so hard it caught on fire… everyone was looking at me in horror, and that was when I looked at my arms and noticed they were covered in fur (more than usual lol). And now I'm proud to say I AM A TEEN WOLF.


1. Accept yourself. Teen wolves are rare so don't think anyone can be one.

2. If you know of someone in your family that was a teen wolf and you show no signs of being one, be patient. If you're a teen wolf you'll know it in time.

3. Don't abuse your powers, with great power comes great responsibility. You could seriously injure someone if you don't know what you're doing.

4. If you think you are ugly as a teen wolf, try your hardest to keep your temper down so you won't turn into one when that certain someone is around…

5. To transform into your teen wolf form you have to have your emotions going wild, whether that means becoming angry or embarrassed . You should practice and see what makes you turn into a teen wolf the fastest.


* Don't shave your body, it will only make it worse.

* If you are self conscious about hair in certain areas of your body like your arms or neck, you should try wearing long sleeve turtle necks.

* When playing sports, don't get cocky, you are a teen wolf. That is why you are so good.
So don't think you're better than anyone else.

* The biggest problem is when someone is making fun of you for being a teen wolf, and because you get angry or embarrassed you turn into one and it only makes it worse, so remember to remain calm when someone is tormenting you for being who you are.


* Again, don't shave your hair off or it will grow back thicker and faster. I shaved my neck when I first started to show signs of being a teen wolf, and ever since, it's been growing back thicker and thicker (not a pretty site lol).

* Being a teen wolf, means you cannot fight ever. You will kill someone with one hit.

Article added: 30 June 2008

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Beware the teen wolf.

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