Editor's Note: Most people who want to know how to "do their hair" come to wikiHow, (you knew that, right?) and this article would have us believe that greasers are no exception.

How to Be a Greaser or Rockabilly

Alrighty then you hep cat, feelin' like changin' ya style to somit' with some rep?
Well there ain"t nothin better than being a bopin', rockin' Stiletto fightin' Greaser!


1. Righto, a lotta people are gonna think that you're a poser for needin' an info box machine doowack to tell ya how ta rock the look, but hey wadda they know! It's hard to know how to look if you havn't been born into it or your big bro get ya in'it.
First step bud, grow ya hair out, mostly in the fringe. Bout half way down your nose is a good length for a nice pomp. I suggest you go to ya good ol' barber and ask for a pompadour. Remember, long fringe.

2. Now ya hairs nicely cut right, grease it up! I suggest you use Murray's Pomade, you can never go wrong with the original pomade. Other good pomades are American Greaser Supply Co or some other classics like DAX WAX.

3. Comb ya greased up hair right back like a square. Now use ya comb to tease up the fringe while pushing it forward with ya spare hand. That's about all I can do for that lil' section, hey look it up for a pro how-to for that greasy pomp.

4. Threads, righty. You gonna need a nice pair of Levi 501's with 'em double-cuffed and some plain white t-shirts. Get some black Converse but for the lova all that is good don't you go callin' em Conny's call em 'Chucks'. Oh yeh that's ya last choice. If ya can get some classic biker boots. Engineer boots or even cowboy boots.

5. Alotta guys reckon the only way to go is to rock a leather jacket 24-7 but in my opinion leather's only for occasions, like a drag or cruisin' the towns at night. During the day I reckon denim's the way ta go.

6. Now get ya gang/crew or whatever you wanna call it together. Get a good name, something that spreads fear.

7. Right, I reckon that's it. I naturally assume that if you wanna be a greaser you probly know how to talk n what tunes ya need to listen to.

Now go spread the way of the grease.


* I dunno, I think a summed it up up there.

* Don't think ya tough, unless you are. In which case act tough n start a bop!


* Don't be a poser

* Don't go nowhere by your lonesome, if ya have to carry a blade, Stiletto of course.

Article added: 10 August 2009

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